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Pj North

How My Life Is Changed >

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Those three simple words took me from a lowly singer/songwriter here in Nashville to a published artist in a matter of months!

Ethan Page

How My Life Is Changed >


My short time with Dr. Dan  changed my life (In a way). Without him I 100% could never have accomplished the things I already have.

Cree Fudo

How My Life Is Changed >


I was searching for a place in life that I fit in until falling into the luckiest situation in my life. Dan has given me the gift of an amazing support system!

Brian Carson

How My Life Is Changed >

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Rule Number 1 truly helped me go from ordinary to Extra-ordinary! Thanks Dan!

Parker Pierce

How My Life Is Changed >


I was at my lowest before finding Dr. Dan and his three simple words. I cannot put into words how much his system changed my life!

Kat Carter

How My Life Is Changed >


Hard Work and Common Sense are truly the Keys to Success! I now have a successful career and amazing life I never could have dreamed of before!

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