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Inspiring and helping others is what I was born to do!

My beginnings are as humble as they come. A normal kid that grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio with few friends and a wonderful support system. That support system instilled in me the building blocks for the eventual systems I would craft and curate over time. Whether it was defying the odds in life, being awarded the "Game Ball" for the Homecoming game in High School Football or having an "Elite" Coach for Ohio Rugby tell me he was inspired by my sure will and determination I have always been inspiring from a young age. Now fast-forward to today!

I decided to take this journey as a Personal Development Coach in early 2015 and life has not been the same since! I love sharing my life changing systems with all of my clients. It is truly inspiring to me to to see people I have an investment in make great strides if life! Between my virtual and personal classes I have helped people all around the world. I hope that while you are reading this, this inspires you to Change Your Life today with me, your Guru, Dr. Daniel C. Rockingham!  


  • PhD in Psychology from Yale University

    • Minor in Underwater Basket Weaving​

    • Graduated from Elyria Catholic High School

  • Assistant Trainer at the Absolute Intense Wrestling Academy

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